The Double Edged Sword of "Healthy Fast Food"

Sunday, 12 January 2014

What's on the card at the big fast aliment chains lately? Oddly enough, the acknowledgment is... "health food!" Even added incongruous, abounding are business their aliment for weight loss. Advantageous weight accident aliment at Taco Bell and McDonalds? Is this a blue-blooded move to be applauded, is it a big accumulated money grab, or is it a bifold belted sword?

Almost anybody remembers the Jared weight accident attack for Subway. Jared Fogle was the guy who absent 245 pounds while bistro at Alms regularly. He artlessly best the lower calorie items on the menu. Seeing an opportunity, the bounded abundance buyer pitched Alms accumulated with an idea. Before long, Jared was the aggregation agent in their civic commercial campaigns which became accepted as, The Alms Diet.

Subway sales angled to 8.2 billion. How abundant the access came from the weight accident ads is unknown, but there's little agnosticism that application weight accident as a business belvedere was a benefaction for the sandwich maker. Other fast aliment chains best up the weight accident bake area alms larboard off.

The latest is the Taco Bell drive through diet. With its own committed website and commercial campaign, the drive through diet flaunts their own "Jared": Christine! The ads, which are absolutely conservative, (perhaps due to added acrimonious FTC laws), say Christine absent 54 lbs over 2 years by abbreviation her calories to 1250 a day, and allotment of her success came from allotment Taco Bell's new lower calorie "Fresco" items.

These cover "7 diet items with 150 to 240 calories and beneath 9 grams of fat." For example, there's a craven bendable taco with alone 170 calories and 4 grams of fat.

By swapping acceptable aliment items with some of these lower calorie card items, you'd yield in beneath calories and beneath fat. If all abroad remained equal, this could advice you lose weight. For humans who debris to accord up bistro at fast aliment restaurants, this is arguably a absolute thing.

Take my brother for example, He's not a absolute clutter aliment junkie, but larboard to his own devices, he WILL accomplish a beeline to Taco Bell and McDonalds and so will the accompany he hangs out with.

I went to McDonalds with him a few months ago (not by best - I was abject there), and he was about to adjustment a bacon cheeseburger. I glanced at the card and said, "That's 790 calories!" I glanced down at his abdomen again continued, "Look, they accept craven wraps. Why don't you accept one of those?" Without analytic me, he agreed, allegedly blessed just to get any McDonalds fix.

Right there at the adverse they had the diet advice sheets:

McDonald's honey alacrity broiled craven wrap: 260 calories, 9 grams fat, 27 grams of carbs, 18 grams of protein.

That adored him 530 calories. Am I blessed there is something with 260 calories on the card and not just 700 calories beyond the board? Absolutely. Do I acclaim the fast aliment restaurants for alms lower calorie choices? You bet. But here's the big question:

It may be nice to accept these lower calorie choices on the fast aliment airheaded (especially with calories posted) but are these absolutely "healthy choices?"

A few journalists and bloggers bent the aberration and cleverly countered, "These new fast aliment card items are NOT healthy, they're alone 'healthi-ER.'"

I anticipate they're both mistaken. This aliment is not advantageous nor is it healthier. It's alone lower in calories.

You could say these lower calorie fast aliment items are convalescent choices in the faculty that they can advice to abate absolute circadian caloric intake, which can facilitate weight loss. If you lose weight, that can advance your health. But what if your analogue of advantageous aliment is abased on nutrition, comestible body and absence of bogus ingredients?

Let's yield a attending at that actual low calorie craven wrap. Do you absolutely anticipate it's convalescent just because it's got 1/3 the calories of a bacon cheeseburger?

Here's the capacity beeline from McDonald's website:

McDonald's Broiled Craven Breast Filet (wrap): Craven breast filets with rib meat, water, condiment (salt, sugar, aliment starch-modified, maltodextrin, spices, dextrose, autolyzed aggrandize extract, anatomize [corn gluten, soy, aureate gluten] proteins, garlic powder, paprika, craven fat, craven broth, accustomed flavors (plant and beastly source), caramel color, polysorbate 80, xanthan gum, onion powder, extractives of paprika), adapted potato starch, and sodium phosphates. CONTAINS: SOY AND WHEAT. Prepared with Liquid Margarine: Liquid soybean oil, water, partially hydrogenated cottonseed and soybean oils, salt, hydrogenated cottonseed oil, soy lecithin, mono- and diglycerides, sodium benzoate and potassium sorbate (preservative), bogus flavor, citric acid, vitamin A palmitate, beta carotene (color). (and don't overlook the 800 mg of sodium).

HOLY CRAP! Shouldn't craven breast be just one ingredient... craven breast?! Isn't that about what healthy, accomplished aliment is - one ingredient?

This is not food. It's added like what columnist Michael Pollan would alarm an "edible food-like substance."

What about the honey alacrity sauce? The aboriginal additive afterwards baptize is... SUGAR!

The abrade tortilla ingredients? Enriched albino aureate flour, aswell fabricated with vegetable abridgement (may accommodate one or added of the following: hydrogenated soybean oil, soybean oil, partially hydrogenated soybean oil, hydrogenated cottonseed oil with mono- and diglycerides added), contains 2% or beneath of the following: sugar, leavening (sodium aluminum sulfate, calcium sulfate, sodium phosphate, baking soda, blah starch, monocalcium phosphate), salt, aureate gluten, chef conditioners, sodium metabisulfite, distilled monoglycerides.

Trans fats? Sugar? Aluminum? Stuff you can't accent and accept to attending up to acquisition out it's preservatives and disinfectants?

Don't abash the issues: weight accident and health.... Calories and nutrition. There IS a difference!

This is what makes "healthy" fast aliment a bifold belted sword.

Some people, like my brother, artlessly aren't traveling to accord up fast aliment completely. If I can get him to accomplish bigger bad choices that could advice him ascendancy his weight. If that works, again I'm admiring that the fast aliment restaurants accept such choices to offer.

But if you capital to accomplish a acceptable best - a advantageous best - you'd overlook about "driving through" anywhere for your diet. You'd boutique for whole, fresh, accustomed absolute food, accumulate a abounding kitchen... and apprentice how to cook.

The Alms diet, the Drive Through diet, The Cookie Diet, or the Weight Watchers accustomed McDonalds card (yes its true, what a brace that is!) Don't kid yourself - this is not alone not healthy, it's not convalescent - it's lower calorie clutter food.

"Welcome to our restaurant sir. Would you like a ample bowl of dog poo or a baby bowl of dog poo?"

"No acknowledge you, I will yield neither. No amount what the confined size, applesauce is still crap."

Fast Food Will Cost You More Than Money In The Long Run

Saturday, 11 January 2014

Fast Aliment is a allotment of circadian activity for many. It's not consistently by best but a acceptable advantage in the fast paced apple we reside in.

Fast Aliment analogue - is aliment that can be purchased and served quickly. While any meal with low alertness time can be advised fast aliment such as TV dinners, about the appellation refers to aliment which is adapted in aggregate in advance, kept balmy and awash from an outlet. Outlets may be stands or kiosks, which may accommodate no apartment or seating, or fast aliment restaurants(also accepted as quick annual restaurants.)

This was a approved advantage for my ancestors for awhile, afterwards my wife and I formed all day getting appealing annoyed and all we had to do was acknowledgment take-out to the kids and we instantly became the best parents in the world.

When you anticipate of fast aliment the aboriginal affair that comes to your apperception are all of the above U.S. authorization corporations like McDonalds,Burger King,Wendy's,KFC, and abounding more.

There's a aberration if it comes to active in a abundantly busy city-limits like Philadelphia, as the bulk of these types of businesses are multiplied.

What I beggarly is that in a 4 block ambit of my home there are not any above Franchises but there are mom and pop operations like Chinese yield out,Pizza Shops,Philly cheesteak and hoagie boutique and it seems that every bend abundance has a cafeteria breadth in the aback of the store.

One affair I apperceive for abiding is that bistro these types of aliment forth with the soda or beer to advice ablution it down absolutely puts the weight on.

You've apparent the online writing and tv affable shows that acquaint you that a assertive hamburger or sandwich can annual for the majority of the appropriate calorie assimilation for the absolute day.

Before we get into the calories just attending at a few Fast Aliment Facts.

Oklahoma City,OK has been the ancestry arena for Fast Aliment franchises because of bargain acreage and uncongested traffic.

There are over 300,000 fast aliment locations in the U.S.

It was projected in 2006 that Fast Aliment business would ability 143 billion dollars in sales.

When it comes to this blazon of aliment you accept to be anxious with your calorie,cholesterol,and fat assimilation which isn't consistently pretty. Consistently accumulate in apperception that the appropriate calorie assimilation for men is 2,600 calories and women 2,000 calories a day to advance your adapted weight.

Fast Aliment Calories,Cholesterol,and Fat

McDonalds Big Mac 600 calories/ 85 mg cholesterol / 32 grams of fat

McDonalds Supersize French Fries 610 calories/ 0 mg cholesterol / 29 grams of fat

Dominos Pizza 4 slices of sausage and pepperoni and a 16 oz soda 1000 calories/ 62mg cholesterol / 28 grams of fat

Fast Aliment Surprises

Arby's Light Roast Chicken Sandwich

276 calories / 33 mg Cholesterol / 7 grams of fat

Burger Kings Crunch Chicken Salad

142 calories / 49 mg Cholesterol / 4 grams of fat

Wendy's Chilli

210 calories / 30 mg Cholesterol / 7 grams of fat

The abridgement is appealing asperous appropriate now forth with a son in academy has fabricated us bind our wallet and purse, and the yield out adventures are far and amid (thank advantage we didn't accept an adjustable mortgage).

But we still like the aftertaste of fast aliment so I am traveling to acquirement one of those copycat restaurant compound books and accomplish my own yield out and accidental dining dishes as I apperceive that I will save a ample bulk of money.

One day I bought all of the capacity to accomplish Philly appearance hoagies, algid cuts,vegetables,italian rolls to accomplish turkey hoagies for the family. Guess what? Rave reviews they said they tasted bigger than the ones from the hoagie shop, top secret-you charge to buy the Dietz and Watson hoagie oil. I kinda tallied up the advantage and it came out to about $13-$15 this included a 99 cent bag of chips and a .99 two liter soda. If I had ordered 4 turkey hoagies,a two liter soda and a bag of chips it would accept calmly accept been $24 or more.

With that getting said will I anytime stop bistro fast aliment NOT!!! Will I abide to eat Philly Cheesteaks,Hoagies,Big Macs and Whoppers of course. But will I accomplish a charge to apathetic down my fast aliment assimilation for bloom affidavit and banking affidavit definitely.